Medication may not be your only path to natural pain management. Natural treatments such as herbal remedies are increasingly gaining popularity as a way to manage pain. In most cases, research on herbal remedies is still in its early phases, so it’s crucial to exercise caution.

Some remedies may have the potential to harm through unwanted side effects, allergic reactions and undesirable interactions with other medications and or substances. The secret is to balance relative safety against likely effectiveness carefully.


Here Are 14 Common Remedies Used for Natural Pain Relief.




Ginger extract has been shown to help with muscle and joint pains as it contains phytochemicals, which play a huge role in stopping inflammation. Few side effects have been linked to the use of ginger extract for pain relief when taken in small doses. Learn more about natural pain relief remedies




Feverfew has been used as a natural remedy for stomachaches, toothaches and headaches for centuries. More studies need to be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of feverfew, but the herb is worth a try as it hasn’t been linked with any serious side effects. Mild side effects include tongue and lip irritation and canker sores. However, pregnant women are advised to avoid this remedy.




Turmeric works to relieve pain or inflammation due to a chemical called curcumin, which boasts anti-inflammatory properties. The spice has been used to relieve heartburn, arthritis pain and reduce inflammation. Turmeric is safe to use in low doses, but high doses or long-term use may result in indigestion. People with gallbladder disease are advised to avoid using turmeric.






Devil’s Claw Root


Scientific evidence suggests that this herb may ease common discomfort associated with arthritis and relieve lower back pain. Rarely do side effects occur if taken at a therapeutic dose for the short term. Recommended dosage is about 30-50 milligrams of the active compound, harp ago side, each day. This remedy is not advised for pregnant women and those with intestinal or stomach ulcers or gallstones.  Learn more about natural back pain relief


Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Omega 3 fatty acids can help to lower inflammation. That can help with stiffness, back pain, joint pain and pain from menstrual cramps. Health experts recommend foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as canola oil, fatty fish, spinach, and foods with added omega 3 such as eggs. Omega 3 is also available as fish oil supplements that can be taken daily.




Probiotics are bacteria that live in your gut and help to keep you healthy. They may lessen inflammation and reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome such as bloating and pain. Foods high in probiotics include yogurts with live active cultures, kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut. There are also plenty of probiotic supplements available in the market.


Release Your Inner Endorphins


Endorphins, also referred to as feel-good hormones, are part of the body’s natural pain management system. They work by blocking pain signals from reaching your brain and contrary to popular belief they can be as strong as medication pain killers. Any activity that gets your blood pumping for a sustainable period will release pain-relieving endorphins into your system. A light jog or walk down the street can work wonders to relieve pain. Endorphins can also help to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, conditions that result in or accompany chronic pain.






Heat therapy


Using heat therapy as a natural pain management technique has been in practice for centuries. Try a hot bath, electric heating pad, hot water bottle or gel-filled pad heated in the microwave. Heating pads work by increasing nutrient flow to aching muscles. Heat therapy has been proven to help relieve back pain. The benefits come in two main forms. It suppresses pain signals being sent to the brain and also increases the flow of healing nutrients and oxygen to the damaged area. Some find heat wraps to be convenient as they release low levels of heat for several hours and can easily be worn under clothes.




Back pain is almost always associated with some level of inflammation, and ice is one of the best natural ways to reduce it. Ice works by slowing nerve impulses in addition to acting as a local anesthetic. The cooling effect interrupts pain signals in the affected area.


Spend More Time Outdoors


About 12 minutes of exposure to the sun a day can help the body produce vitamin D. A study carried out among people with knee osteoarthritis revealed that people who got the recommended daily intake of vitamin D experienced less pain compared to those who didn’t. The research summarized that vitamin D helps to relieve pain by aiding in the absorption of calcium, which is needed for bone repair and growth.


A recent research at the University of Minnesota established that vitamin D may directly help soothe pain. Well over 90% of 150 people with unexplained sources of pain were found to be deficient in vitamin D.


Get Enough Sleep


Getting a healthy amount of sleep is critical to promoting healing and managing pain. You can employ a variety of sleep aids to help you get enough sleep. One of the best ways to promote sleep is to indulge in regular exercise that physically exhausts the body to facilitate deep sleep. Naps can also come in handy especially after long durations of active concentration. Other physiological techniques that can help you to get enough sleep include meditation and visualization.


Massage Therapy


A high-quality therapeutic massage can help to relieve several kinds of pain ranging from headaches to back pain. Massage also helps to heal the body and create a nourishing feeling. Endorphins, which are powerful pain relievers, are also released during massage therapy.




Cherries are rich in anti-inflammatory phytonutrients called anthocyanins. These are the same compounds that give cherries their rich ruby color. Anthocyanins inhibit pain enzymes and block inflammation just like medical pain relievers such as naproxen, aspirin, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Owing to their high anti-inflammatory content, they can be great remedies for issues such as arthritis. Learn more aboutall natural pain relief


Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice is a good natural pain management solution for bouts of ulcers. Ulcers usually result from a pathogen referred to as H. pylori which attack the linings of the stomach and small intestines. Cranberry juice can destroy the bacteria causing ulcers and urinary tract infections.